Marriage Mentoring Ministry

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Marriage Mentoring

Providence North cares about families and is actively engaged in building up marriage relationships.

We are excited to launch our new marriage mentoring ministry lead by a team of seasoned couples who care about your marriage. These couples help engaged and married couples in their relationship journey through their marriage experience, and great gospel centered resources.

This is a couple to couple ministry that starts with a relationship inventory and personalizes the mentoring to each couples' needs. Through the program a couple will learn many valuable tools to help them communicate and resolve conflicts along with understanding their spouse on a deeper level. Lock arms with a marriage mentor today to strengthen, and deepen your marriage relationship.

Day and Time:

Phase one is three sessions over the course of no longer than three months. The timeline is mapped out based on each couples personal schedules. Sign up today to get started.

Event Details

  • Feb 16
    10:00 am
    Apr 1
    6:00 pm
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